About us

For years in manufacturing and marketing leather goods and accessories Made in Italy, we, Forino, have always been in search of professionalism in all respects.

Henry Ford, founder of the automotive industry and large pillar Ford said:

"We need good people, not only of good people"

Our brand

La cucitura


PantaReiis an aphorism from the Greek philosophy, which in simple terms means "everything flows". Everything flows, everything runs

smooth, as long as everything is done for good, in the best way.
This is the meaning we give.
It is precisely for this reason that we carry with pride.
In addition to the above, to always remember our philosophy of work and life, we also like to attribute this meaning:

asssistance in all phases of design, workmanship and especially after sales;
napoli, our land and where we work;
tech, to work consistently impressive, they remain faithful to tradition;
amore, we work every day whith love, in our job and our products;
Research techniques d 'avant-garde, in the raw material and finished products quality;
experience enthusiasm and balance all in one;
innovation, the very best, because we are Italian.