Laser etching

thumb LaserWorking with modern equipments and advanced technology, it allows us to produce with quality details and unscratched stages of cutting and shaping.

Private Label Productions

thumb LabelWe make personalized labels on products, to give the "touch that was missing."

Leather production, belts, bags

thumb ProduzioneWork in progress...

Product customization

PersonalizzazioneWe offer a wide products range, models in various sizes and colors, but for the most demanding customers the personalized service is also available, with the possibility to choose the materials and / or favorite colors. For more information on this service please contact us. We are right to be able to customize the products according to their your tastes.

Prototypes - Design and development

protWe provide to customers, a department that sodisfa requests for customers who also require the development of the model of a new line, be it bags, accessories, belts etc.